From Korea to America, in two days? Locolips Launches Bullet-Delivery Service

Now, Locolips Premium Shipping as fast as Amazon Prime Shipping!
Korean-style online shopping mall Locolips started premium shipping services thanks to the interest and support of many people.

Locolips was offering free shipping for existing purchases over $99. Now, if you order $99 or more, you'll get a DHL premium service delivery in 2 – 3 days with no additional charge. It is said that many people welcomed the announcement because it is a quick delivery service that is rarely seen in the United States.

Locolips said, "It often takes more than a week to get a delivery order from a local place in the U.S., and I am happy to launch a service that can ease the inconvenience of those customers." We will do our best to reward our customers with better services and products from now on."

Goods ordered before 9 AM (PST) and 12 PM (EST) will be shipped on the same day and will be updated directly to the customer in the event of a delay in shipment.

Now enjoy your advanced shipping with Locolips Premium Shipping!

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